Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Insane week

It started w/ a pregnancy test Wednesday afternoon. I don't know what i was thinking, but when the line didn't show after a few seconds I just threw it away. We were trying to avoid getting PG and if we were it was darn near close to immaculate conception for sure! But AF was messing w/ me and not quite starting so I tested for the hell of it.

Then we found out that night that my wonderful father-in-law had passed which sent our family in a whirlwind of sadness and turmoil. This had been the worst year ever and I could not imagine that it could have gotten worse, but it did.

W/ all that stress I ignored my impending AF until Thursday night when I realized she had not kicked in yet, so I dug in the garbage and pulled the pregnancy test out. Second line-totally there. I was shocked, but still not believing it. Decided to do a digital the next morning. Sure enough, AF came in full force that morning. I almost tested still just cause I'm a freak when it comes to testing, but thought quick that w/ all we have going on that I did not want to know if I was having another chemical anyways. And with all that was going on, I missed my CD 3 blood work, which is fine cause we are still not planning to really try until next year. We hope the new year brings on a fresh wave of good luck for us w/ happy endings.

I am going to try and get my fragile X testing done. My nephew was just diagnosed w/ it and it makes a big difference in our decision to have another or not. I am really unsure what it all entails, but if we can find that out now then it would be nice to get our game plan in gear now. I am pretty much freaking out about it, but trying to brush it off since no use in worrying about something I may not even have to worry about.