Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Insane week

It started w/ a pregnancy test Wednesday afternoon. I don't know what i was thinking, but when the line didn't show after a few seconds I just threw it away. We were trying to avoid getting PG and if we were it was darn near close to immaculate conception for sure! But AF was messing w/ me and not quite starting so I tested for the hell of it.

Then we found out that night that my wonderful father-in-law had passed which sent our family in a whirlwind of sadness and turmoil. This had been the worst year ever and I could not imagine that it could have gotten worse, but it did.

W/ all that stress I ignored my impending AF until Thursday night when I realized she had not kicked in yet, so I dug in the garbage and pulled the pregnancy test out. Second line-totally there. I was shocked, but still not believing it. Decided to do a digital the next morning. Sure enough, AF came in full force that morning. I almost tested still just cause I'm a freak when it comes to testing, but thought quick that w/ all we have going on that I did not want to know if I was having another chemical anyways. And with all that was going on, I missed my CD 3 blood work, which is fine cause we are still not planning to really try until next year. We hope the new year brings on a fresh wave of good luck for us w/ happy endings.

I am going to try and get my fragile X testing done. My nephew was just diagnosed w/ it and it makes a big difference in our decision to have another or not. I am really unsure what it all entails, but if we can find that out now then it would be nice to get our game plan in gear now. I am pretty much freaking out about it, but trying to brush it off since no use in worrying about something I may not even have to worry about.


DMB ( said...

I'm so sorry about your FIL. I hope 2008 brings all of you a fresh start with lots of good things in store.


Anonymous said...

I just found your site and look forward to following your pregnancy (mentioned in newer January post). I've read a lot about Fragile X because it was something that docs wanted to rule out for my son who has autism.

Maybe it would help you to understand Fragile X a little more if you just assumed that it will be "autism". More seems to be known about that and many autistic kids are actually suffering from Fragile X.

Especially if you have a male child who is affected by Fragile X, he probably will be autistic as well.

I'm glad to hear you say that you'll love this child as much as you would love a child not affected. People who have typical children think that children with a disability must somehow be a burden.

The good thing about Fragile X is that it can be detected much earlier than autism caused by other factors so you can begin treatment as early as possible. Early intervention is the single most important factor in how well a child with a disability will do as an adult, whether the adult can live an independent life and live up to the potential that he chooses or whether the person has to have full-time care and supervision for the rest of their life.

Sorry to sound like a sourpuss. I'm not really. If your child has Fragile X, it's quite a lucky thing to be diagnosed early and you know that your baby is at risk while you're still pregnant.

I couldn't even get my doctor to do any testing on me while I was pregnant.

On the other hand, your baby could be completely unaffected. Either way, I wish you much happiness and hope that this baby is the "sticky" one.