Saturday, March 1, 2008

Good times!

Had an appointment yesterday. Finally, just a normal "boring" you're pregnant appointment. After the nurse heard the HB (which I have been hearing every day, yesterday morning included) and left, I got so choked up. It's been slowly hitting me that it is real and I very well may bring this baby home in August, but being at the doctors just really confirmed. I saw the midwife who I only saw for the second pregnancy and m/c and one appointment for bleeding while PG the 2nd time. She came in all excited and gave me a big hug. She said I was her grand finale of the day and she could not wait to see me. I felt so awesome! I noticed later that there was a drawn smiley face highlighted on my chart. I felt so special-lol We discussed the QUAD test and we decided it was not for us with the high false positive rate and us worrying about fragile X I did not want another "what if" case scenario to worry about. So she said, let's just enjoy being pregnant and I agreed!!

We talked about the possibility of being induced should I go past my due date. I guess they do that w/ unexplained m/c patients as to try to avoid a still birth. I told Curt at 36 weeks I may say let's do it now! Whatever is the best I'm all for. Laila was aw eek early so I'm not thinking I have a high chance of going past the due date anyway.We talked about my low lying placenta which is still a wait and see thing. I am scared to death for a c-section, but no use worrying now.

I guess that's it! All is good elsewhere in our lives-finally the sickies have left our house.

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Anonymous said...

I am soo incredibly happy for you guys. Thanks for keeping us up to date! I can't wait til August to see those first pictures. It sounds like you have an incredible team of doctors working with you. :)