Monday, April 7, 2008

Great article

This article has summed up so many feelings and emotions for me. It is hard to suffer a miscarriage, or 4 for that matter, when you have a child. Not saying that it's easier when you don't have one, but already having one brings on a whole new slew of comments and advice and I believe pain cause I know EXACTLY what I'm missing out on. I know when April, November, February or the next due date I've yet to hit in June comes, what I am missing out on by not bringing that baby home, or washing the tiny clothes to get them ready, or make Laila the big sister she so deserves to be. Even pregnant and things going well does not for one day make me forget my angel babies. I am definitely more at peace w/ knowing they are watching over us all in heaven and maybe had a little or even a lot to do with this miracle kicking inside me right now. But my babies-all 6 of them- are forever on my mind and soooo deep in my heart-no matter what order they blessed me in. And for the record, it is not "okay" that "at least I already have one". Or those 4 angel babies were not "meant to be lost".

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Anonymous said...

I lost one at 15. People see the age. They don't see that I was already much wiser than so many at that age. I had been on my own for a lot of my life. So I get a lot of comments about it being a blessing in disguise. There was nothing about it that was a blessing.