Friday, May 23, 2008

Moving stinks

So we got the house last Thursday the 15th. We have pretty much been there non stop cleaning and painting and fixing up anything and everything. Since it was a foreclosure there was a lot of little things that needed to be done. A lot of surprises and some things we were hoping would not be needed but were/are. Uck. I have been cleaning like it's going out of style, but it is nice to know that it will be a completely clean house once we really move in. It is definitely coming together and I can't wait. Probably by Monday we can start moving our furniture and then worry about all the extras. We've had help from our parents (thanks bunches) but it is a lot for just 5-7 people to tackle off and on. It gets frustrating cause there is so much we could do if we had an extra hand or two at those moments. I can't paint (doctor and husbands orders) so that is slowing me down. I'm pretty much packed here at the old house so there isn't much left that I can do. But it is all coming together and we are excited. Not too tired to crack some smiles, but a little too tired to do a happy dance. Little Laila does them for us cause as you know a 3 yr old NEVER runs out of energy. Yes, I'm a little jealous ;-)

As for baby news...not much else. Little one is kicking away and rolling. My stomach will bump like crazy. I love it!! At times it is uncomfy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. A little nervous since it is so prominent right now that what will it feel like when it's 19 inches long and 5 pounds partying in there!! It took a little bit for it to get used to my burst of motion from cleaning and it has slept or enjoyed the rocking the first few days, but now it must be in there rooting me on to keep going..or at least kicking me in gear.

I'll post some pics soon of the belly (stuff is packed) and pics of the house once it's a little more settled.

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