Wednesday, July 23, 2008

falling in love....

I can't believe how much I've already fallen in love with my baby. It is starting to really hit me that I am going to bring a baby home in the next month or so. And just how much we suffered, cried, stressed and prayed to be able to do this "just one more time" and God has graced us w/ the opportunity.

I cannot wait to have this baby placed right into my arms and for me to feel his/her little body and kiss him/her all over. I can't wait to count the toes and see who s/he looks like most and just be in bliss. I am so excited to see Laila become a big sister and have this adventure as a family of 4 (plus two dogs). I already feel so complete and the baby isn't even here.

Curt probably thinks I'm crazy but I am looking forward to those middle of the night feedings where the rest of the world is quiet and it's just me and my baby bonding and learning about each other. This time around is a little different cause I know the end result. We seem to be more prepared for "baby stuff"--maybe not baby stuff w/ a toddler , but at least the baby stuff ;-) Plus Curt and I are closer than we've ever been before. We have an understanding (most times) that we've never had w/ each other. I can't wait to see him become a new dad again. He is very stressed right now and I want to see him relax and holding the baby w/ Laila peering over his shoulder telling him he's not doing it right-lol

I feel like I am the luckiest woman in the world right now.


Carolina Girl said...

A lot of people around me are having babies these days and it makes me realize how much I miss those middle of the night feedings. I never thought I would say that! Newborns are just so tiny and squishy and it all goes by so fast. I am so happy for you! I hope everything is perfect.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for you to have the baby either. I am ready for some pics :)