Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saw HB again! And our testing on FX decision

I went and saw my doctor per my RE request to go in a week to two after my appointment w/ her. This was Wednesday 1/16. It was a total waste of time and he had the worst "bedside" manor. This was a different doctor cause I didn't want to wait to see my usual. I asked when I could have my next U/S and he said in about three weeks-Are you kidding me???? You're asking a woman w/ 4 m/c's to wait until she can pretty much hear the HB on a doppler for her u/s. After a lot of convincing on my part, I got him to allow one for the following week. He said around the 24th which would be Thursday. So of course, they had no available appt's that week so I got in for Monday the 28th. That was just too long for me. So I called my high risk OB the next morning and left a message asking if I could get in earlier by chance. I hop in the shower about 10:20, just put the soap in my hair and she calls. "Can you get here at 10:40?" Sure, no problem. SO I wash and rinse like a mad woman and get out us out of the house. SO the lady comes down to get us, I am so hurrying to get Laila down there, she asks if the other nurse can watch Laila and I say she probably won't allow it and she's like okay, well hurry we have to get you in. Lady, I can only fly so fast. I get in the room and tech starts the U/S and asks "how much spotting are you having". I said I wasn't having any and she rolls her eyes and gets huffy and asks then why are we doing a u/s. I flat out said, I asked for one for reassurance and the nurse said I could come today. So she says so we are just doing one for just because and I just said "yep" and looked away. Whatever. That is the second time I've had an U/S done and she's acted like I'm such a burden. Umm... do you even have kids, cause I can sure bet you've never had a m/c or any complications for that matter. And, to know she was so hurry up w/ me and she thought I was having issues. Well, she turns the screen my way and there is my precious baby, heart beating away. And of course, I was hoping to be 8 weeks 1 day (one week up form last week appt), but I wasn't so that freaked me out. I just tried to be relaxed and know that different machines and techs can get different measurements. Curt and decided once things are good w/ this baby and we have it, we are going to turn them into the better business bureau for poor professional skills. I've also had 3 appointments that have never been on the books that I've made. But, they know my history and I really love the midwife and frankly I'm tired of switching doctors. I've seen 5 different ones since I got PG w/ Laila. I'm done shopping around. Besides once I relax and things are for sure going good, I'm not going to need their support as much.

So on top of me being worried about measurements, my morning sickness left me a little. I woke up Thursday morning and dry heaved. And then Friday morning, I felt great. Some tummy ache son and off all day, but nothing I have been feeling. Same went for most the rest of the weekend. I am trying so hard to figure out a reason I need to come in again for a U/S without lying. So pathetic, but i even allowed some fun stuff to happen between Curt and I for two reason-one cause it's been forever and two-I thought it might make me spot, but wouldn't worry me so much cause of it being after sex, but then I could exaggerate it a little and get into another U/S. You know what. It is not pathetic. It is one mother who desperately wants this baby to keep on doing so well. Any woman in my shoes would understand.

Now for the fragile X stuff. We decided we will not do any testing on the baby pre-birth. It is less than .05% chance of a m/c, but not worth it in our eyes. We'll test the baby at birth and look into getting a physical therapist to test the baby as well to let us know if there should be any specifics we could work on until we know for sure. Now that we've got a plan, I feel much more relaxed about things.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how dumb people are about ultrasounds. I understand that too many can hurt the baby but once in a while is fine. And you guys are paying for it so why do they care. Grr.

Anyway, I tagged you. Hope you don't mind. Check out my blog for the rules and to see if you want to participate.

MereD19 said...

Oh Lisa. That is awful about your Dr's appointments. I am so sorry that you have to go through that. You have EVERY RIGHT to feel the way you do having been through so much. Definitely find a better Dr. next time around. :)