Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting closer!

I finally have email back!!! I am over 31 weeks along. I can't believe it! I'm getting so excited to meet this baby. Partly because of the obvious and partly because (I so hate admitting this) I'm kinda miserable. I hate those pregnant women who have nothing nice to say about their pregnancy's near the end...but I see myself getting there. My hands and arms hurt form pregnancy induced carpel tunnel, the baby feels 20 inches long already and prefers to be stretched out all the time and then there is the oh so lovely braxton hicks contractions. BUT I seriously am still in bliss. I cannot wait to hold this baby and love all over it. Laila is very in to my belly. Any mention of the baby by myself or strangers, she whips my shirt up and points out the "baby" and kisses my belly. She was at one point putting her finger in my belly button (when it was still an inny) and saying "ahh..the baby's got me". Hilarious!!! She also claims she will sleep on the rug in the hallway w/ the baby "all by herself". Interesting. She does very well w/ keeping the baby toys in the baby's room. She will play w/ them, but she knows they go back in there. Next week is our goal to get the room set up. We are waiting to paint after it is born.

And speaking of the is so getting there. We are very thrilled w/ how far it has come. Except when people make comments about what else we still have to do. If you only knew the time, money, sweat and profanity that was already put into it, you would so keep your mouth shut. Plus, this is our dream house-we have forever to get things set and things will forever be needed anyway.

The pool is going! I was so not expecting that to be going this summer. It is a HUGE chunk of our checking account, but as soon as it warms up it will be worth it.

That's all for now. Here's my 29 week belly shots


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Jennifer Martin said...

You guys have such a great little family! I love it! I love your blog postings, and I love your faith and your positive attitude! You are awesome! I hope that the hot weather isn't making you too miserable! I remember those days :)