Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Laila's First Day of School

She did great! Evan and mom--not so much.

Evan chose to go from sleeping soundly to a screaming mess right before we walked out the door. I couldn't find my keys either, but we made it, on time, and Evan was sleeping by the time we got there-shoo! Laila went right in, sat down and played w/ two other girls. After a quick kiss (initiated by me), I was long forgotten-well I went back for another kiss and hug right before I left the room. I sobbed the whole way out through the corridor, to the car and all the way home until I called Curt and said that was the LAST first day of school I ever did again! My little tiny baby Laila is growing up!!!
Pick up: She was busy singing songs while I spied in. Super cute! The teachers said she did great and the three girls played well together and will probably be "the chatty ones" Uh-Oh!! Glad she wasn't too shy though. This is how the conversation went:

Did you have fun?--head nod
Did you sing songs? another head nod
What else did you do? smiles

Phone call to dad:
"Eberhardt (teacher) had us go in there and we played basketball and we sat in a circle and we passed it around"
Don't ask me why dad got a much bigger explanation, but he did!!

Then we went on a picnic to the park and she's mellowing out on the couch now. My little girl is getting so big!!

I'm done crying for now ;-)


Anonymous said...

(((hugs))) It gets better. Soon you will be begging for her to go to school ;-)

Marcie said...

AWWW. Livi is next. I might lose it.

Jen said...

It's okay to cry :-) I remember Chelsey's first day like it was last year! She just started college this year...yes, it goes by fast; enjoy every moment!