Monday, October 8, 2007


Hello everyone. This is my first post on my first (real) blog. I thought hard about doing a blog cause I was unsure how I felt about sharing our "life journey" to the public. And if you aren't going to share the truth, then what's the point of a blog? Then I thought it may help to open some eyes about "a different world". A world that many have been through, but most close to us have not. See, Curt and I have suffered 3 miscarriages (m/c) in about a 9 month time frame from October 2006 to July 2007. These trials have turned our lives up-side down in many ways. Each one has brought us closer and sometimes further apart. But through each we have learned how much life is so very precious and how much we need each other and Laila even more. This blog is about the inner thoughts of a mom just dying to hold another baby of her own and stopping at nothing to get there-no matter how exhausting, frustrating and angry the road may lead.

So if anything, if you read my blog I hope you see more of how it feels to be inside the mind of a woman suffering and having her heart still ache everyday-no matter how put together, happy or calm she may look. This is not just the life of a woman who suffered three miscarriages. This is the journey of a close family taking life one day at a time aching for their babies in heaven, true babies with all the love and dreams we had to offer, while still loving all that we DO have on earth. my life.

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