Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thank you and update

If you got my email, you know the update. But I just want to say soooooo many thanks to everyone who has responded to our email and for the continued prayers you all have given. I have to say I was surprised at how many of you feel so deeply with us on this. We know you all love us, but to know you're right on board with our fears and excitement is just nice to know. It can feel like a lonely road in a way, but knowing we have so many rooting for us is just awesome!! SO thanks beyond words can ever express!!!! We have an awesome family and it just gets greater with every connection!

As for the update. On Valentine's Day we headed off to the doctor for another ultrasound. I have been hearing the heartbeat, but was still nervous about it. I kept thinking that what if the baby stopped growing, but it was just a matter of waiting for the heart to stop. I really truly wonder if I will ever just deep down KNOW that I will hold this baby in August---alive. Anyway, everything was good. Measurments are right on, heartbeat going good. It looks much more like a baby. We saw the eyes; the arms and legs looked like arms and legs and not stubs. We even saw the outline of the neck and jaw. SO very cute. (I'll post the picture soon, but my scanner doesn't work so the picture looks nothing like our baby). All is good!! Placenta is still low, but that is expected to not move until possibly even later than our big ultrasound at 20 weeks. The tech even gave Laila her very own picture of her little sibling to take home. SHe loved it. I know she doesn't get the part about being a big sister, but she did talk to my belly and knows there is a baby in there. I just don't think she really quite gets it, but w/ little miss smarty pants, who knows!!


Anonymous said...

Aaaaah!! That is sooo awesome. I'm glad Laila got a picture too. Being a big sister is deserving of a picture :)

Anonymous said...

So glad that things are looking good! I hope the great news keeps coming!