Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Another update

I had another U/S today-all was great. Baby measured 7 pounds 7 ounce-only 2 ounces up from last week so I'm hoping it stays that way a bit. W/ Laila only being 6 lbs 3 oz, a whole pound bigger makes me a bit nervous or as Curt said "ouch" ;-) The baby should have some pretty chubby cheeks cause every time we get a glimpse they are so cute and fat! It was laying w/ its hand up by its face today.

I'm dilated to 3 and lots of stuff is going on w/ me so I'm hoping it all means ""SOOON"". My midwife will be back on call at about 6 am tomorrow so I hope I hold out until then! My BP was up kinda high, but they aren't too worried unless I get dizzy spells or headaches.

I am doing better. I have good days and then am hit w/ a bad day. I've had contractions off and on since last Saturday w/ this past Saturday being some painful ones for about an hour. Needless to say I woke up Sunday tired and crabby and plain fed up w/ the pains and not holding my baby when they're done. But then I got a nice break Sunday night and slept all night w/o waking up w/ anything. I've had maybe a scattered few "easy" ones since, but today I'm feeling some stuff for sure. I'm not reading into anything though any more!! I know the joy of holding my baby is just around the corner so I'm not as hurry up so much as I was before. So I will end this post w/ a list of things I will miss once this pregnancy is over.

38 weeks
****Things I will miss after being pregnant****
1. The rolls, kicks, jabs and anything else this baby does in my belly
2. Hearing the heartbeat
3. Feeling so beautiful every time I look at my belly
4. Rubbing my belly
5. Having the baby "all to myself"
6. Guessing the gender
7. Curt touching my belly (off limits for a while after babe!)
8. Bumping into stuff w/ my belly and smiling cause I "forgot"
9. Having Laila so involved in my belly and the baby inside-including all her kisses, talks and hugs to the baby
10. Being pregnant for the very last time

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