Thursday, August 21, 2008

Great appointment today!!!

Sick of the updates yet? ;-) I am very excited about this one. My midwife is back from vacation and I feel so ready to go.

AT every appt. the last few weeks they have talked about induction. I am game, but for selfish reasons, but not game at all cause there really isn't anything good about induction in my opinion. Well, come to find out my midwife is even more against induction than me! She said it is overused and we won't until it is a must-which would be sometimes next week. She did talk about things we would try before we went right to pitocin and also we could "jump-start" me on the PIT and take me off to see if I just roll from there, too.

Then out came my birth plan. I am a very "all natural" person (when it comes to birth) and I get nervous talking about my desires for my birth for fear of others thinking I'm a little "off". Like if I had a neonatal unit outside my front door I'd so have a home birth. Well, she was very excited about my birth plan and even said "good for you!" on some things I wanted. She had no qualms about anything and even gave me 3 things to add-one of which was having skin-to-skin contact for 60 minutes post birth. I had no clue they could do the APGAR testing while I held my baby to my chest! I get chills at the thought of that possibility! She also said to make sure I really push them not asking me for drugs which was something that really annoyed me when I gave birth to Laila. I am still trying to keep an open mind that these things may not play out for me, but I sure hope they do.

After some pointer son squatting when possible, she sent me on my way w/ "instructions" to go into labor on Sunday! I'm game, do you hear that baby??? ;-)

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Anonymous said...

I am sick of the updates but only cuz I want to see the baby :).

Though if we didn't see updates we'd complain about that too.

What a bunch of whiners ;-)

Hope you are having skin-to-skin contact today :)