Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hello everyone! I imagine everyone is as sick of winter as I am. At least Curt's over-time as slowed down a little for the sake of all our sanity.

As I stated in January, we got Evan tested for fragile X and the results are in............................


He's not a carrier either. We were very emotional about hearing the news. Not that we would not love him no matter what, but we are just extra blessed. Every child is a true miracle, but I feel that both of our kids have a little extra miracle dust in them. Everything was easy w/ Laila. We got pregnant right away, no complications. Then to get hit w/ four miscarriages, we began to really think that she was a miracle beyond miracles. What made her so special in God's eyes to have her "work". Then we get surprised w/ Evan's pregnancy, scared to death of what will lie ahead. Then we get the fragile X diagnosis that I'm a carrier. At that point we knew, no matter what, that God wanted him here. Had we not been as fertile as we are, and not gotten pregnant, we would have stopped w/ just Laila after having that diagnosis. God wanted him here and to bless us extra w/o having to embrace a FX diagnosis is remarkable. I prayed my thanks to God the day we got the news and I had the hardest time ending the pray w/ a simple amen. Let alone ending it at all. How do you stop saying thank you, when your blessings are out of this world? The word "thank you" seems so petty w/ this. The dryer can break, the taxes can go up, but what is most important in our lives in side our four walls is here. A healthy and happy family.

And speaking of... here is my healthy and happy, family. I think one pic may be a video of sledding?


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I was nervous to read "the Fragile X results are in," I would support, help, and love you and your babies regardless! I have goosebumps! Thank god!
Prayers & Love you,
xoxo Amy

Valerie said...

So cute!