Monday, January 26, 2009

Evan's allergy results are in....

NEGATIVE for EVERYTHING?!?!?!?! How on earth is that possible? I posted on my "dairy-free moms" message board and some think the tests aren't that accurate when they are so little. My theory is is he's growing out of it, cause he is at the age where some kids do, and we tested "too late". There's no way he became a whole new child 3 days after taking out dairy at 3 weeks old just by coincidence-no way. Lately, I have been sneaking a lot and he seems fine. Before when I'd sneak, he'd be affected, if even just a little. Now, I just hope I can still "pretend" that he is allergic cause I don't want that weight piling back on.

We'll see what the doc says when I go in next month for his 6 week check-up. And...Happy 5 month Birthday to my big boy!! And since Laila claimed it was her birthday too (feeling left out since mine was this weekend), Happy 3 years, 6 months and 21 day birthday to Laila!

My birthday night was soo fun. I am very mad at the mini stage though. We went out dancing and of course the mini-stage just had to have me dance on it. And they had to play PYT by Michael Jackson so I had to go all out to my boy MJ. I couldn't just dance normally w/ people watching either so I had to kick it up a notch. I have sore muscles where I did not even think muscles existed. But, it was all worth it! Laila and Curt made me a birthday card that Laila made me put in my purse to take out that night. It was very cute. Then Curt was getting crabby w/ me earlier in the day (okay-we were both crabby) and when he went to the garage I was complaining to Laila how "daddy needs to be nice to me since it's my birthday and he needs to get me a present". So I'm vacuuming a few minutes alter and Curt makes me stop and says "By orders from your daughter" and kissed me and hugged me. Laila had told him that "it's mommy's birthday and you have to be nice to her and give her a kiss and hug and we have to get her a present". I'm training her well ;-)

P.S. Thanks to all for the birthday wishes and who helped make it a fun night!

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Anonymous said...

awkward!! Test are strangle little tools.

Glad ur birthday went well and Curt delivered a