Saturday, January 24, 2009

The BEST Birthday present EVER!!!!!

Yes-I'm going to brag and yes, it's my 28th birthday today. I stepped on the scale on Tuesday of this week and realized I lost almost 4 1/2 pounds since January 1st!! I've done NO exercising unless you count shoveling the driveway once (it is pretty long-13 cars comfortably) or dancing for 20 minutes w/ Laila. I stepped on it today-another pound gone! I am not one that fluctuates at all-day night-doesn't matter. I only fluctuate when I workout, then I gain. pants are baggy and my undies are beyond grandma looking. So I dare to go into the "skinny bin". Pulled out clothes I haven't seen since either before Laila was born, or w/in the year after before I hit my year of stress beyond stress. I am sitting here in my Beacon Elementary sweatshirt, nursing tank and you betcha-my skinny pink dress pants!!!!!!!!!! I haven't even brushed my teeth yet-eewww! I had a changing fest complete w/ modeling show for Curt. Of course he does not remember any of the clothes-lol. But I fit into my comfy khakis I haven't worn since BEFORE Laila was born and they were baggy!! Almost not appealing baggy! Also my pants I was wearing when we announced her pregnancy at 4 weeks pregnant (ahh-the crazy times of not being scared!) and the ones I could barely squeeze into one year post partum w/ her. they are still a squeeze, but hey-they work!

Yay yay yay! Happy birthday to me! So it does not matter that I still have to clean the house today while Curt cuddles w/ Evan on the couch. I got a pretty good B-day present anyway.

Bless you son for being allergic to dairy!!! Sorry I ever said you were still wrecking havoc on my body!


Meredith said...

YAY!!! Good for you hon!!!!
And I had to LOL at the granny panties. I ordered some panties the other day, and when I got them they looked really big. But lo and behold - they fit perfect. :( I am hoping to have to a smaller size in them in a few months. :) Maybe by my birthday (March 6), I will be able to write a similiar post! :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know it was your birthday today! Happy Birthday. Congrats on the weight loss and yes I'm incredibly jealous. I've done my best to walk a mile a day since Jan 5 and I'm barely touching 3 lbs. I'm blaming it on being Latina ;-)

Fitting into old clothes is an awesome birthday present. You deserve an extra twirl with Laila for

Holly's Mom said...

Way to go that is such great progress!