Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Where's the spoon?

Yes. I need to eat my salads w/ a spoon. Once upon a time when I had thick, creamy, dairy loaded salad dressing and mounds of dairy loaded cheese to help hold the lettuce and the chicken together, I could eat them w/ a fork. But now that they consist of lettuce, cucumbers and chicken w/ runny, oily, expensive dairy and soy free dressing, I spend most of dinner chasing around in my bowl that cucumber or that piece of chicken so I eat more than a piece of lettuce when I take a bite.

So, I will cave and the next time I eat a salad it will be w/ a spoon. And not a cereal spoon. One of those big ones you use for veggies at holiday dinners. The things parents do for their kids.

Curt will be so turned on to watch me eat my salads now ;-P

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