Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!!!

It's been a while. Where do I start?

Christmas was wonderful. We had it at our house. Laila really got into it this year, fully understanding who and what Santa is. Santa got her this "cutsie mousie" she had been asking for all. the. time. Had it hidden to be opened way last. She opened it and said "what is it?". I just about died! You're kidding me?!?!? Then she says she figured it out it was a bunny!! When we explained it was the cutsie mousie she'd been begging for, she said "awww" and hugged it. Then said it wasn't the cutsie mousie cause its head was too big. Oh, well. It was still a fun filled day. She got to open Evan's presents for him and loved that he got her a gift too. Curt took her shopping to pick out my gift (2 nutcrackers) and his gift (a beanie baby panda). He said she pointed to them and there was no discussion-that's what we wanted. She had been super sweet, but the new Year nearing has brought back her sassiness. It was great while it lasted. I was totally informed by her that she hated me. I was hoping that wouldn't come until she at least hit double digits, but I sure didn't expect it before kindergarten. We made up now and I'm still her best friend ;-)

Evan is doing great. Had some shots and didn't even cry for the first one. Just crinkled his face a bit. The nurse and I both stared at him for a bit waiting for him to let it out. Cried for the second one (nurse warned it hurt a lot worst) but was smiling at the nurse seconds later. What a trooper. I am going tomorrow to get him allergy tested. I just want to know what it is I can't eat instead of playing this guessing game. Something still bugs him, just can't figure out what it is. He's growing like a weed being up to 16 pounds already. He's just about out of 3-6 month clothes. Giggling like crazy and overall a pretty happy baby. As soon as his cold goes away, we'll be back to normal.

I am still recovering from the stomach flu I had over the weekend. We went out to the bar w/ Curt's family and I had 1.5 drinks and was three sheets to the wind. Very pathetic. After his mom bought me a $3 plate of crackers, his aunt and uncle walked me back to his cousins house where I got sick..3 times. Nice. I think I am officially initiated in. The next day I ended up w/ the flu and so did a few other people so I can handle a drink or two, just not when I'm about to get sick. And let me tell you. Breastfeeding w/ the stomach flu is not very fun at all. I was proud though. he got no bottles which he can't stand anyway and only once did I need to interrupt a feeding. Laila was pretty sweet and would bring me blankets and give me kisses on any part of my body that happened to be poking out form either blanket or whatever comfy position I had found to lay in. Then, so gross, but once while I was getting sick she told Curt she had to go in there and help me and he said that i was okay and all and she said no "mommy keeps saying 'help'". I am not quiet by any means.

I am also ready to get going on my toning up. I lost 6 more pound sin the last 2 months. Now I just need to tone. I am only a few pounds away from Laila's pre-pregnancy weight. Very happy. I've come to realize that my weight gain had to have mostly been the stress that 2007 brought on and all the pregnancies. Now being stress free, or at least bad-stress free I am feeling/looking normal again.

But oh my gosh..the emotions have been running high. I was a blubbering mess Christmas morning just kissing and crying all over Evan thinking how wonderful it is that we are having another baby's first Christmas. We'd hoped, and maybe deep down knew, but it still seemed so far out of our reach. I mean, my MIL gets me boy scrapbooking stickers and I choke up. I am just super happy w/ our life inside our 4 little walls. How blessed. I know I say it a lot, but I truly am happy w/ my life and I really don't think I could ask for anything more.

Hope everyone has a blessed 2009!!!!

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Holly's Mom said...

It sounds wonderful and amazing. Evan is such a big boy! Holly is only 17.5 lbs and she is almost 10 months old. I would be worried about her lack of weight gain, but she eats like 36 ounces of milk a day plus food now... I think it might be because she is starting to learn to walk.

I know what you mean about the wonderful magical place inside your 4 walls. I have had the best Christmas I have ever had before, left the house 1 time in like 2 weeks, and it is just wonderufl being the three of us. I am glad you have had all your dreams come true.

happy new year.