Saturday, January 10, 2009

I just want my kids sick free

This is terrible. Just as they both get over their one cold, they start another which has been much worse. Laila sounded like a dying seal, going through a whole box of tissues cause every little sniffle she's got to wipe. Then she begins to get a little better and Evan starts the dying seal cough. Laila informed him "Evan, you have the same cough as me!!!" He gets pissed at the cough though. Does that groan on that last cough like"I'm sick of this!!!" then draws out the groan for a good 10 seconds. Had Curt and I giggling the other morning at 4 am listening through the monitor. I'm sure he was thrilled we were laughing. We also decided to just sign our paycheck over to the doctor's office. I took Evan in for cold #1, a week later took Laila in for cold #2, then 2 days after that Evan had his 4 month check-up. Dr. R is super awesome and checked them both out for cold #2 at his appointment. Our bank account thanks you.

As for the check-up, holy moly big boy! 17 pounds!! I think he had to have been over 16 at the last visit and the nurse just rounded it. He's 26 1/4 inches and his height is average to a 6 1/2 month old!! Doing great, right on track w/ milestones except rolling over. 90% of our house is wood floors so he gets very little floor time. but I had him on the rug yesterday and he just about had it, trying super hard. That was rolling over back to front which Laila did not do till almost 6 months. I think this kid is more advanced than her in most things and she was pretty advanced. I did not get him allergy tested. I did not make it in time and now I'm waiting for him to be cold free. No need to torture him more than needed. I will be taking him next week and getting him tested for FX at the same time. But if anyone is reading this-I do not want to discuss it unless it's on my own terms please.

And I'd love to get some sleep for more than an hour or two. I have always done well on little sleep, but it being broken up so much is getting to me. I will stumble out of bed and sometimes have to stand their to get over my dizzy spell before I can venture to whichever kids room needs me. Between them both I am, no doubt, up at least 5-6 times in the night before 7 am rolls around. I do get to sleep in though. Even if Laila gets up at 7, which has been her new trend, I can fall back asleep until she informs me " it's time to get up cause it's morning time. I want dinner".

I happened to get in a big fight w/ my mom. My parents are getting a divorce after 33 years of marriage. they split in June 08. It's been very tough on them, especially my mom who did not want it. But it's been tough on my sis and I, too. Mom has a hard time weeding out the info that us kids should not/need not to hear. She likes to bring up stuff my dad did 20 years ago which drives me nuts. Plus she just plain doesn't listen. She tells me about something I said that hurt her, then won't listen when I explain either A-my reasons or B-how that was not what i said and she twisted it around. Curt and I kind of "argue" about what is tougher-parent's divorce as a child or an adult. As an adult even when things aren't told to you, you're old enough to figure them out. Plus as an adult you've been through your own trials so you know what hurting feels like; you may even know what a heartbreak feels like. Curt's heart has never been broke by a girl so maybe that's why we differ on opinion. I just want it to be over and both my parents to be happy.

Laila and I prayed last night. She thanked God for Jesus, mommy and tissues ;-)

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Holly's Mom said...

Wow Evan is huge! Holly is 27 1/2 inches and 18lbs and she is 10 months old... She rolled over from Tummy to back really young, like 3 months.. first but did not roll from back to tummy until like almost 7 months I think. Sorry the kidlettes are sick.. When holly was in Daycare she was sick for like 6 weeks strait one thing after another I could not manage it.. So I feel for you. hang in there.